Oddly enough, I’m not too upset at anyone for how they treat me anymore. Unless they get too far or the reason they’re treating me like this is confusing.. I tend to just accept that this is what DeadWorld has created for me.

I try not to take it out on others. They probably don’t know that they were programmed to do this to me. Of course, the manipulation does work and I am very attached to the “people” here so sometimes I will cry or have a panic attack or let my paranoia get the best of me. I never blame any of them for this though. If I would have known how to handle my emotions better before I died then I would have been able to handle this.

I would just like to know why I am here. What are they using my body for back in reality? I am in constant pain and I feel prickles and needles. It may be some kind of experiments. I’m unsure. I’m scared. I miss the real people I used to know. Though they probably¬†have already moved on by now.


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