DeadWorld is a trickster, it loves to mess with you ever so slightly in a thousand different ways so it can make you absolutely lose all sense of reality. It makes you question yourself, which things are different and which things are the same? Was I just imagining it?

It can’t confuse me anymore. I’ve already accepted that I’m dead. Some of the little hints that I’ve noticed are:

  • Houses will be moved or be in the wrong colour
  • Jawlines will be crooked or eyes will be lower or higher on people you’ve seen before
  • It will reuse faces and bodies on background people, like how video games do sometimes
  • Someone’s motives and interests will change in an instant instead of gradually over time ((for example, yesterday your friend will go off on how much they dislike parties and would rather stay inside and read a book.. but then today they tell you about how many parties they went to over the weekend))
  • Background people will repeat dialogue if they don’t know you’re listening
  • objects will get bigger and smaller
  • You can see the walls and floors shift, that’s how you know DeadWorld is generating new things

I’m sure there are more, and if there are any newer ones then I’ll be sure to make another list.

DeadWorld just likes to keep me on my toes now that it knows that I know I’m dead.


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