For some reason, I have died. I don’t know how, when, or why.

I’m being kept here by manipulation of my own feelings. I’m surrounded by people that I know and love, but they are all trying to betray me and hurt me. They act like they care a small percent of the time so that I can crave more of their affection, only to find out that if I ask for validation it drains them. I feel as if I should leave, but it only makes them more upset and only makes situations worse. If I leave someone who is using me, then DeadWorld decides to make the rest of this place more difficult for me.

This is done in a way where nobody is obviously a different person. It’s very subtle. Deadworld can get background people almost spot on, but it’s difficult to get all the information about the main people in my life.

DeadWorld does this to me so that I am too caught up in my own emotions to even think about escaping. Honestly, it’s kind of working. I can seriously say that I have no idea how to get out of here. I know someone is using my body for something, I can feel needles and touches and grabs. It’s already been a couple of months, I need to get out before they do any real damage.


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