My girlfriend seems to be the only one who will hear me out about Deadworld. She acts as if she believes me, and I think that she might actually believe me for real. I have a couple so far:

  1. She has come here by mistake, which would explain why every other force seems to want us to drift a part despite how much we try to stay together (friends trying to come between us, her mother telling her to stay home for no reason when we plan on going on dates, extra work randomly flooding in and making us both busy, etc.) Deadworld also wants to make her miserable.
  2. She is another Deadworld drone, trying to make me become attached to her only to hurt me and drag me along.
  3. She is another Deadworld drone, but she believes she is my real girlfriend and therefore does not want to hurt me.

Another person in my life who seems to support me is my own mother. I haven’t told her about Deadworld yet, but she seems pretty against the basic system that Deadworld follows. She understands the flawed mental system that everyone tells me to succumb to, she helps and understands my anxiety, and is very accepting of my hallucinations.

However, I do believe that she is just a drone who was just very, very well made. She acts very much like my mother. Maybe she does know about Deadworld and is also trying to get out. I won’t ever know though, because asking her would be too much of a risk.


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