I try to do the work I can, but recently I go into a panic mode if I even think of it. Things are confusing and they change often. I’m not allowed to stand up for myself and the fact that things are meant to be specifically more difficult for me is kind of terrifying.

I haven’t gotten any closer to finding out why I am here or how to get out. I’ve come up with a second theory that there is no way out and Deadworld is using my fear of being abnormal as a way to torture me.

I suppose I should begin with a list of questions.

  • Why Am I Here?
  • What are they doing to my body in real life?
  • How did they get inside my brain? How long have they been stalking me in order to know this information?
  • Is the pain I feel and the things I see apart of this simulation or is it some kind of glitch?
  • Is my girlfriend real, did she somehow come in here by accident.. or is she a part of the simulation?
  • Is someone controlling Deadworld or is it a place which is sentient?
  • Why specifically me.. or is there others?


I already know why I am here, but only partially. I’m hoping someone else who used to be alive will find this, it’s starting to scare me that there might be nobody else here who is real. It’s starting to scare me that by the time I wake up, I might be in a box underground and unable to escape. That is also why I try not to go to sleep at night. For fear that once I wake up, they’ll be done with me already.


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