Things I Don’t Know:

  • If I am buried or not
  • If my girlfriend is really my girlfriend… I feel as if she is a part of deadworld. Ever since I felt her hand on my cheek while I was completely alone.. I felt as if my real girlfriend was out there somewhere
  • How long I can stay here
  • What reality will look like when I wake up

Things I Know:

  • There is dirt in my throat, I can feel it. More and more dirt builds up every day.
  • I had a needle put into my left arm. I couldn’t see it, like usual. But what was unusual is that I could see the hole, I could see the redness around it. My arm fell numb afterwards.
  • Someone has me
  • I can only leave when my soul wants to, when adrenaline builds up
  • Abandoning this body will lead me to my other one, though I am not sure if killing myself is the way to do so
  • Every one is here to manipulate me and I’ve been cutting them all off

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