Trigger Warning: rape mention, murder mention, suicide mention, sex mention, body horror,


  • “____ is trying to rape / murder me”
  • “_____ is trying to replace me / steal my friend or partner”
  • “A celebrity is secretly in love with me and is giving me signs through the television”
  • “My partner is cheating on me”
  • “The government is spying on me”
  • “Someone is poisoning my food”
  • “If I go to sleep, my house will be robbed or I will be murdered”
  • “My parents aren’t really my parents”
  • “The media has a secret TV show about me, and everything I do is filmed. All my friends are actors and everything is scripted and planned out.”
  • “My personal information has been released without my knowledge and my friends and family are laughing about it behind my back”
  • “Everyone only pretends to like me because they know I would kill myself if they left”
  • “Everyone arounds me wants to have sex with me”
  • “Everyone around me wants to rape me”


  • “Aliens abducted me”
  • “Everyone I know has been replaced with a robot / clone”
  • “Someone is stealing my organs in my sleep”
  • “I’m not actually human”
  • “I’m living in a fake, computer world”
  • “I’m dead and I am a zombie / ghost / vampire”
  • “I’m dead and this is the afterlife”
  • “I have to do these specific tasks in a very specific order or else I will die / the world will end / etc”
  • “The hallucinations I have aren’t hallucinations at all, they are real and only I can see them.”
  • “____ is an evil creature, and is only here to kill me”
  • “These fictional characters are real, and the show was made to tell me that they are real.”
  • “I am actually an animal / fictional character / celebrity / object / concept trapped in this body.”
  • “The earth is a sentient being and if I don’t do these specific things then I will anger it”
  • “I am a God”
  • “I am a super hero”

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