Trigger Warning: sexual actions described, abuse described, rape mention, murder mention, bodily fluid mention, body horror descripton

Auditory Hallucinations:

  • Voices mocking
  • Voices in unknown / different language
  • Tv Static Noise
  • Beeping / ringing
  • Heavy breathing
  • Laughter / Crying / Singing
  • Knocking / Scratching / Banging
  • Gun shot noises
  • The sounds of someone being raped / murdered

Tactile / Touch Hallucinations:

  • being poked / pulled
  • hands on neck / shoulder / back
  • forceful sexual gropes
  • flicks / pinches
  • being burnt / cut / scratched
  • hair pulled
  • bugs crawling on or under skin

Olfactory / Smell Hallucinations:

  • the smell of sex (usually only happens if the smell is triggering)
  • vomit / urine / feces
  • certain foods
  • rotting meat
  • blood
  • a specific person’s smell
  • a specific smell that was present during a traumatic event

Gustatory / Taste Hallucinations:

  • Blood
  • Vomit / Urine / Feces
  • A taste that was present during tramautic event
  • Dirt / Sand
  • A specific food
  • Rotting meet
  • Skin / Flesh
  • The taste of genitalia
  • The taste of a specific person’s body
  • The fluids of genitalia
  • Sweat

Visual Hallucinations:

  • Shadow figure / “government agent” figures
  • Animals
  • Hallucinations placed on top of real people (seeing a real person but their face is removed, arms are very long, mouth is bleeding, etc etc)
  • The environment around them is shifting / breathing
  • An abuser the victim may have had
  • A disorted version of the abuser the victim may have had
  • The victim’s own body parts coming apart
  • Bugs crawling through their hair or skin
  • Large red bumps appearing and disappearing before the victim’s eyes
  • Faces forming in walls or other surfaces
  • The eyes of paintings ot photos following
  • People on TV suddenly talking or laughing at victim
  • Ghostly / demonic figures

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